KYC what about KYP

KYC - Know your customer is a term most of us have heard when it comes to banking. What about Know your Provider?

I've been asked 100's of times over the past nearly 20 years "do DDoS companies launch attacks to drum up business?" I might have even asked the questions when I first started in the DDoS world. However, I suspect most times that the question was mostly in jest. There is a reason for the question though, people with inside knowledge of how something works in many fields are sometimes also the bad guys, we've heard about firefighters starting fires, law enforcement going rogue and spies acting as double agents.

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Real time data monitoring against BGP hijacking

In 2016, Kerbs wrote a piece about BGP hijacking:

Many conference speakers and security researchers love to post about "Country X" is the "Source" of attacks. I've frequently countered, sure that the IP address you are seeing a packet from, but is it REALLY where the attack is being launched from and where did the traffic go along the way. Most large networks collect flow data and have someone that understands BGP. Even in big networks, too many times I have seen the engineering staff not be able to in realtime put all that data together in their head. This isn't a slight against anyone, it really is a big data problem and that data is always changing. The combination of merging these data sets into a single pane of glass gives you a very powerful toolset to help you manage your security and help with your traffic engineering. If you'd like to see how Mimir can help you do this contact us here.

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    Build it and they will come…

    A famous line from a movie often used. Frequently though, it’s a pipe dream, people have to fill in the gaps for something missing a plan. It can however, be a bigger problem as well, bring a picnic basket to sit under a tree on a summer day and you’ll find lots of little critters, […]

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      Mimir Picked for Canadian Top 25


      Mimir Networks Highlighted in 2017 Branham’s Top 25 Canadian ICT Up and Comers list.

      SYDNEY, NS, CANADA – May 31, 2017 – Mimir Networks, a leading cybersecurity company, announced today that they were included as one of 4 Atlantic Canadian companies on the 2017 Branham list of the Top 25 Canadian ICT UP and […]

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        Kids & Security

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          Don’t Let the Grinch Sabotage Your Christmas Presents

          ‘Tis the season of excess.  I bet most households have presents from Santa that are connected to the internet.  We are living in a connected world.  But did you know that those items very likely will end up as part of a cybercrime “army” of bots? 
          Yup, it’s true. While most people are stoked to […]

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            Death of the Firewall

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              The Internet of Evil Things

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